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I just want to send a sign out to the universe! When I am reading a book on the bus please could you stop boys from trying to talk to me. I'm not the most attractive person in the world but lately boys keep nagging me with these phoney chat up lines.

No I do not want your number and I am reading a book here and don't talk to me about the credit crunch. What you don't like rain? Well I love it! oh yeah and also if you don't like living in canvey, MOVE!

People, humans. Especially in England love to moen about the weather, moen, moen, moen, moen, moen. Its very hard to stay positive when you have someone standing next to you at the bus stop, huffing and puffing under their breath,
"summers gone" and "Isn't it cold". Then you have to go to work and everyone that comes in moens about the weather, but when its hot they do the same thing. If its that bad people, stay in!

Oh yes and I was at the busstop the other day, I've decided not to encourage lonely boring people when they talk to you. Yes was patient enough to do it at 18, 19, 20 and 21, but now I'm 22 and yes normally I can cope when they start but lately they have been such an irritation, expecially now its getting colder. Glorious September, if no one else loves you, I do and I mean it!

Anyway I was at the busstop and the sky looked brilliant over the sea, all single puffy cumulus cloads in a row, so I got my pad out to draw a diagram of it and then some middle aged lady sits next to me. I turn right around and begin to examine the skys around me more closely.

"cold day isn't it?"

I nod.

"very cold"

She stops talking.

"At the train station he gave me the wrong bus pass"

"ooohhh" I groan, pushing my pad close to my face to draw another cumulus cloud.

"Do you know what the date is?"

"Oh uumm dunno"

"Is it the 14th?"

"oohh uumm" I look up at the bus timetable,


"Yeah he gave me the wrong bus pass"

When I glanced past her to see what the sky's looked like on her side, she stuck the pass in front of me and pointed at a date,

"see the wrong date"

I nodded, for christ sake go away strange lady.

It goes quiet, so I begin to rite in my journal about the clouds. She then speaks again,

"Your shoes look comfy" old, black work shoes, comfy but have holes in the bottom of them.

"Yes they are" I smile.


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I did something dirty on the weekend.
There's this jerk i really hate, so we invited him to a party at the weekend.
I fooled him into drinking my piss, making him think it was a beer. He said he didn't want anymore because it didn't taste right. He then went upstairs to take a piss. Whilst up there I poured the piss into his cider & HE DRUNK IT ALL!!! Mwahaha. I tried to jerk off in the beer & piss before he arrived but i was so drunk i couldn't cum lol.
What makes it all worse is that he drunk from the bottle to try it...
what i haven't mentioned yet is that the bottle top had been stuck up my ass 3mins before he had arrived.
No, I don't just go round sticking bottles up my ass for the hell of it. I just did it so he could taste my insides. It didn't smell too good, but he still drunk from it.
Ended up in us chasing him down the street shitting himself that we were gonna beat him up.
What's more, I got his manager at the local shop to have a word with him about his little problem, you see... he smells of old BO, it's gross. It's like he never washes his clothes. Not very nice when you're forced to approach him to purchase goods.
What's even more, the shop will be receiving complaint on complaint about him until he gets his ass fired.
Yes, I'm cruel, but only to those that deserve it.

This one deserves what he got. He shouldn't bullshit to me.

It's Monday for 3 more minutes

Man. I do NOT like people. Especially when people that are your "friends" don't tell you anything. Important things such as new phone purchasing, new dog acquirement, new skinny-dipping partner. And then it's all like: oh, well I'm just going to change the subject because I don't want to tell you even when I'm confronted with this information.

In other news: I hate people at my Uni that cannot put a timetable together so it does not have major clashes, and actually has the classes you're enrolled in on them. Now I have to spend my time and nerves sorting out whether I have this and that class or why I have 3 identical classes on 3 different days of the week. Especially when that class is no longer in the curriculum...

Maybe it's because I'm so anti-social. The happiest I've been all week was today when I was watching a british documentary on the sense of touch, making tasty food, listening to the rain, and being ALONE IN THE HOUSE....aaah....soooooo goooooood :)
But that only lasted for 10 minutes :(

And now for the weather:
The expected forecast for tomorrow is patchy showers with a high chance of the evil eye toward anyone in sight.

Here's a cute puppy to balance out the bitchiness
love me
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